Step 6: Review Configurations

Step 6: Review Configurations

  • The last step in your Hyper-V backup is to review the configurations you have selected. Enter a Backup Schedule Name. BDR Backup Server supports creating multiple backup schedules each with its own configuration. The backup schedule name will uniquely identify the backup. While restoring your backup data, you need to choose the data to be restored using its schedule name.
  • Review the configurations provided and enter an appropriate name for the backup schedule.
  • The following details will be available on this page:
    • Configured Host/VM(s) - The Host/VM you have configured for the backup process
    • Scheduling - Frequency of your backup schedule
    • Retention Policy - The settings you have configured in retention
    • Backup Server - IP address of the backup server
    • Full Backup Scheduling - Full Backup schedule frequency
    • Backup Encryption - Status of the encryption, whether enabled or disabled
    • Encryption Hint (Applicable only if encryption is enabled)
  • You have the option of running the backup job immediately after saving the backup. If you want your backup job to be triggered immediately after you save the backup, irrespective of the backup schedule you have configured, select the Run this job immediately after saving option.
  • Click Save the backup option once all the configurations are reviewed. On saving the backup, you will be prompted to confirm to proceed further. Click OK to complete the backup progress

Information Note:

There are few rules to be followed for specifying the job name. They are:

  • Only [a-z][A-Z][0-9][ - _ ] characters are allowed in the job name. Other Special Characters are not allowed in the job name
  • The job name should not be more than 26 characters

Progress Details

  • You will be redirected to the List All Jobs page once you complete configuring the backup job. Verify the progress of your backup in the Overall Progress Window. To view the backup progress window, select the arrow mark in the Status section.

The overall backup progress page consists of the details listed below:

  • Job Name - Name of your backup job
  • Backup Server - The IP address of the backup server to which the backup is currently processing
  • Warning - Warning for the backup job if any
  • Reconnection Attempts - The count of the times Vembu client attempted to reconnect to the backup server
  • Bandwidth Throttling - Whether bandwidth throttling is applied in the client or not
  • Transfer Rate - Rate at which the backup data is transferred to your backup server. (Bytes,KB,MB,GB)
  • Original Size of the file - The actual size of your backup file
  • Time Left - Time remaining for your backup to complete
  • Current File - The name of the current disk which is being backed up
  • The configured backup Volume with its Size and Status of the backup progress is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Abort - You can abort your backup if not required, from the Abort (-) option available in the progress window. You will get a popup window as shown below. Click OK to Abort your backup.

You can also abort your backup from the List Jobs page. Click the X mark in the status section. Click Yes from the warning window to abort your backup.

Information Note:

To enhance your backup performance, close the progress window and open it occasionally to check backup progress