Step 1: Adding Hyper-V Server

Step 1: Adding Hyper-V Server

You need to add a source Hyper-V Server before you begin configuring your Hyper-V backup. The Hyper-V Server can be a Standalone Hyper-V Host or SMB server.


  • To add your Hyper-V server with Vembu BDR, click on Add Hyper-V Server option

  • You can choose 'Hyper-V Cluster' or 'Standalone Hyper-V Host' or 'SMB Host' as a server type
  • On selecting Standalone Hyper-V Host you need to provide the login Hyper-V Host credentials, it also asks you to confirm whether you are using the SMB server as storage for the VMs
    • If 'Yes' - Users will be redirected to the next page to provide SMB credentials
    • If 'No' - Server addition will be completed with Saving the credentials’

Port number 42005 will be used for the communication between Vembu Integration Service and BDR Backup Server

You can connect your host with BDR Backup Server through following combinations in the Hostname/IP Address section:

  • Hostname - Enter the Hostname alone
  • The hostname can be added using FQDN(Fully qualified domain name) ie., machine_name.domain_name
  • - Enter only the IP address

For Username the following formats:

  • Username - Enter the username alone
  • Username@domain
  • Domain\Username

  • Choosing SMB Host will direct you to Add SMB Host credentials page, where you need to provide SMB Host credentials. Once done providing it, hit Add host to add Hyper-V server

  • Choosing Hyper-V Cluster Host will direct you to Add Hyper-V Cluster credentials page, where you need to provide Cluster host credential. Once done providing it, hit Add Host to add Hyper-V Cluster. Click here to read more about adding credentials.

  • Once you have added the Hyper-V server, the list of Hyper-V servers added will be shown
  • From the list of servers added, Click the Backup option to configure a new backup job

Information Note:

Virtual machines without Hyper-V Integration Services installed will remain in a saved state while the VSS snapshot is created

For application consistency VM backup, the Guest Machine should be installed with the latest Hyper-V integration services. VMs with checkpoints (*.AVHD & *.AVHDx) will not be backed up. To perform the backup, checkpoints need to be removed.

  • If you want to remove a particular Hyper-V Server, click the Remove option. A pop-up window with the message "Are you sure you want to remove the host" will appear. Click OK to delete your Hyper-V Server