Restore Office 365 Data

Office 365 Restore

Users can now perform a granular-level restore of Office 365 data (Mails, OneDrive, Calendar and Contacts) for individual users. Please do follow the below steps to proceed with restore:

  • Go to Backup Tab and Click Office 365
  • All the added accounts that are configured with backup jobs will be listed

  • Click Restore option alongside respective account to restore data from
  • A page with a list of backed up users will open, click on Restore Now option alongside the user to be restored

  • A page listing backed up mails, OneDrive files, calendar and contacts under chosen user will open for restore.
  • Users can either select a specific set of mails or calendar events or contacts or files from OneDrive to restore and proceed with Next.

  • OneDrive files can be downloaded directly to the user working machine with the Download option alongside respective file
  • User can choose a specific timestamp to download/restore a specific version of a file

  • Enabling the check-box adjacent to From option under Mail Tab will list restoring mailbox options at the Page level, Folder level and an entire MailBox
  • User can choose the restore option of their choice and proceed with Ok

  • Users can also filter mailbox, contacts and calendar using search option and select specific emails/contacts/documents/calendar for restore
  • Once done selecting the data for restore, proceed with Next
  • Now choose the account you want the data to be restored - same user or a different user

Information Note:

Calendar data can only be restored to the source account. Other user data such as Mail, OneDrive files and Contacts can be restored to any account under the source domain. 

  • Once done choosing, click restore to initiate the process.

  • Do monitor the restore progress and ensure it gets successful.