Click here to download the Vembu OffsiteDR Server v4.2.0 for ubuntu installer.

To install BDR Backup Server on Linux machines follow the steps given below

Step 1: Downloading the installer 

Make sure you are a root user (use the “sudo su” command to be a root user), now copy the download link of the installer file and download using wget command.

Once you execute wget command, it will download the “” to your computer.

Step 2: Executing the installer 

Run the installer by using the “sh” command. 

For E.g. #sh 


Step 3: Getting started with the installation

The installation process begins with the wizard below, click yes to proceed with the installation.


Step 4: License agreement

The installer shows the License Agreement, kindly go through the License Terms carefully. If you agree, enter “yes” to continue with your installation.


Step 5: Package confirmation

The install will check for dependent packages and request for confirmation from your side. You need to enter “y” to proceed further.

Following packages will be downloaded and installed on your computer.

  • PostgreSQL v10

  • PostgreSQL Connector v10.03

  • ODBC Driver v2.3.4

  • Vembu Offsite DR Server v4.2.0

  • BDR360 agent


Step 6: Database Location

Specify the location to store PostgreSQL databases. The database grows as the backup grows.Vembu Offsite DR Server will require a free space 3% of the size of the backup data for database storage. 

By default, the database will be stored at ‘/var/lib/postgresql/10/main’. If you want the default location enter ’y’ and provide a new location or enter ‘n’ to proceed with the default location.


Step 7: PostgreSQL port

Specify the network port for PostgreSQL. The default port is 32010. If you want the default port enter ’y’ and provide a new port or enter ‘n’ and proceed with the default port.

Note: You can enter the port value from 1024 to 65535. You cannot enter a port number that is below or beyond the allowed limit. Also, you cannot proceed with a port value that has already been used by another process.

The installer will start to install the PostgreSQL database, PostgreSQL driver and Unixodbc. After installing the database components, it will automatically start creating the backup databases and the ODBC driver will be connected to PostgreSQL server.

After installing the database components, it will automatically start creating the backup databases and the ODBC driver will be connected to PostgreSQL server.


Step 8: Download and installing Vembu BDR Backup Server

The installer will automatically start to download the '' file to proceed with further installation.


Step 9: Type of installation

Once the download is completed, the Vembu Offsite DR Server build installation starts automatically and asks to choose the installation type. 

  • Option ‘1’ will install the Vembu Offsite DR Server by creating a new user account with root privileges

  • Option ‘2’ will install Vembu Offsite DR Server in the current user.


By default, we recommend choosing the Option ‘1’.

Step 10: Installation Directory

Vembu BDR Backup Server will be installed in ’/home/vembuoffsitedr/’. If the directory does not exist, you need to create a new one to continue. Enter ‘y’ to create a directory.


Step 11: BDR Backup Server Login Configuration

Specify the username and password to login to Vembu Offsite DR Server Web Console. We recommend you to provide ‘admin’ as the username and password. Press ‘Enter’ to continue. A new Vembu Offsite DR Server Web console user will be created using the provided credentials.


Step 12: BDR Backup Server Port Configuration

Specify the Backup Server & UI communication port. The default value is 32004 and 32005 respectively. If you want to change the default ports, enter “y” or enter “n” to continue with the default ports.

  • Backup Server Port is the port through which the installed Vembu Offsite DR Server  transfers the backup data. The default value is 32004.

  • UI Communication Port is used for internal module communication. The default value is 32005.

  • HTTPS Port is the port used by the Web Server of Vembu Offsite DR Server for secure connections. The default port is 6061.


Step 13: Starting Vembu Offsite DR Server 

Once the installation is completed, enter ‘y’ to immediately start the Vembu Offsite DR Server as a Daemon or enter ‘y’ to start later. You can start Vembu Offsite DR Server using “sh” and stop using “sh stopVembuOffsiteDR” commands.


Note: These commands should be executed from the Vembu Offsite DR Server installation location.