Restore Backup Data

BDRSuite allows you to restore your backup data from the BDRSuite Backup Server using multiple recovery options. With the need for different recovery options for different scenarios, BDRSuite offers various types of restore such as:

From the BDRSuite Backup Server, Click on the Recovery tab. Backups configured from this backup server and various client machines to the server will be listed for recovery, along with the below-listed options:

  • Restore
  • Persistent Boot delete
  • Delete
  • Full backup delete
  • Offsite Replication
  • Status
  • Reports

Selecting the Restore icon will allow you to configure your restore along with the options listed below:


  • Selecting this option will lead you to select the restore type

Information Note: The Restore symbol is hidden or greyed-out due to the following reasons. 

  • If the backup selected for restore is currently in backup progress.
  • If the replication process is active for the backup that is selected for restore.
  • If the full backup of the selected backup job fails to complete.
  • If the backup selected for restore is already processing a Restore job at that moment.

Offsite Replication 

This option will be available only if the Offsite replication is enabled. If enabled you will be provided with two options, Replicate now and Suspend.

  • Replicate now option will trigger the replication Offsite DR immediately
  • Using the suspend option you can suspend the replication process
  • Persistent Boot Delete - Persistent data can be restored using restore options if needed. The Persistent data is indicated with a (+P) sign alongside time-stamps of backup versions. Such persistent data can be deleted using the 'Persistent boot delete' option. The option lets you choose the time-stamp of persistent data to be deleted. Confirm the deletion by selecting the check-box 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected version related persistent boot data from the repository location permanently?’ to proceed with the deletion process.

Information Note: Deleting the persistent data process is not permitted when the backup is virtually mounted.   

  • Delete - There are two types of delete available in the restore page:
    • Delete - Delete the backup entry and data from the server  
    • Full Backup Delete - Delete the latest full backup
  • Offsite Replication - If offsite replication is configured, an option to perform replication instantly will be available

  • Status - Indicates whether a restore job is active or not.
  • Reports - You can find various reports for the backup job such as:
    • Backup Report
    • Restore Report
    • Merge Report
    • Deleted Logs
    • Offsite Copy Report
  • Select the More tab to view further details on the report. You will get the pop-up image displayed below.
  • From the drop-down list in the right top pane, select the Full Backups option. You can delete your full backup by selecting the full backup time-stamp version and the delete icon.