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Getting Started

Backup for AWS

According to AWS Shared Responsibility Model, Amazon provides the security of their cloud, while you are responsible for the security in the cloud. This includes protecting your EC2 instances from data loss like accidental deletion and malware. Vembu offers an agentless and cloud-native backup solution to protect your EC2 instances running on any AWS account, any region.

About This Guide

This document will help you to explore and evaluate the various features, functionalities, and capabilities of Vembu Backup for AWS. It will guide you through setting up the BDR Backup Server instance, backup configuration, and help you test the recovery options.

Feature Highlights of Vembu Backup for AWS

  • Agentless and cloud-native backup solution
  • Automatic incremental backups
  • Application-consistent backups
  • Run custom scripts pre/post backup jobs
  • Instantly recover backup instances
  • Perform volume-level recovery