Getting Started with Vembu Backup for AWS

AWS provides an easy to use stack creation process to launch Amazon Machine Instances (AMI) as Amazon EC2 instances using pre-defined templates called CloudFormation. The AMI for Vembu BDR Backup Server Instance can be launched in your AWS account using Vembu’s CloudFormation template.

From the newly created Vembu BDR Backup Server instance, you can centrally monitor & manage your backup & recovery for your Amazon EC2 instances.

The Vembu CloudFormation template is available in Amazon S3. You can copy the URL given below to launch the AWS Backup Server Instance.

Copy Vembu CloudFormation Template URL

Below steps will walk you through the Vembu BDR Backup Server Instance launch process:

Sign in to your AWS Account

Log in to your account from AWS Management Console. In the Services tab, navigate to Management & Governance > CloudFormation.

Create Stack

In the Stacks page, select With new resources (standard) option from the Create stack dropbox.

AWS Backup

The Create Stack page opens as below.

AWS Backup

Under Prerequisite – Prepare template, select option Template is ready.

Under the Specify template, select Amazon S3 URL.

Here, you will paste the Amazon S3 URL of the CloudFormation template given below.

Copy Vembu CloudFormation Template URL

Click Next and the Specify stack details page opens.

Configure Stack

Enter a stack name and configure the following:

  • EC2 Instance Configuration
    • InstanceType
    • KeyName
  • EC2 Networking Configuration
    • VPC
    • Subnet
    • WebServerAccessIpAddress :
      • Specify the IPv4 address or the entire range of addresses to provide access only through that address.
      • Specify, to enable all IPv4 addresses to access your instance using SSH.

AWS Backup

Click Next and the Configure stack options page opens.

Configure Stack Options

Configure the following optional settings:

  • Tags
  • Permissions
  • Stack policy
  • Rollback configuration
  • Notification options
  • Stack creation options

AWS Backup

Click Next and the Review Policy page opens.

Review Settings and Create Stack

Review the settings configured for the AWS Backup instance.

Under the Capabilities section, select the acknowledgment checkbox: I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.

Click Create Stack and you will be redirected to the Stacks page where your newly created stack will be listed.

AWS Backup

AWS Backup

Launch Instance from the Created Stack

Click on the created Stack and navigate to the Resources tab.

Click on the Physical ID link given for the EC2 instance created and the Instances page opens in a new tab.

AWS Backup

Access Vembu BDR Backup Server Instance

In the Instances page of your region, VembuAWSBackupInstance will be listed.

Copy the IP address of this instance from the Description tab and paste it in your browser to open Vembu Backup for AWS web console.

In the login page of Vembu Backup for AWS, you can login by entering the default username and password – admin/admin.

To know more about backup configuration, go to Vembu Backup for AWS help documentation.