Free VMware Backup using Vembu VMBackup

Unlimited VMware vSphere backup, forever

For those businesses, which do not have sophisticated data protection systems, Vembu VMBackup provides an exclusive Free Edition for VMware environments where the user can take unlimited agentless VMware Backup hosted in VMware ESXi host and vCenter server at zero cost. Also, Vembu offers different types of recovery options which ensures the high availability of VMware VMs. By combining the power of application consistent snapshots using Microsoft VSS writer and Vembu’s scalable patented block file system VembuHIVE, IT Managers can now initiate complete virtual machine recovery during any disaster.

Vembu VMware Backup

Feature Highlights

  • Agentless VMware Backup
  • VMware SAN and Hot-add transport modes for LAN free data transfer
  • Application-Aware Image Backups
  • Full VM Recovery to ESXi host
  • Quick VM Recovery
  • Instant File Recovery
  • Cross Platform Migration(V2V)

How it Works

Vembu BDR Suite comes with a 30 days of free trial with no restriction to any of its features and after the 30 days trial period the user must purchase the licenses to continue using all the features or else the user can opt for the Free edition of Vembu BDR Suite to continue using it with some feature restriction.

Supported VMware Environments


  • vSphere ESXi 6.5
  • vSphere ESXi 6.0
  • vSphere ESXi 5.5
  • vSphere ESXi 5.1
  • vSphere ESXi 5.0
  • vSphere ESXi 4.1
  • vSphere ESXi 4.0


  • vCenter Server 6.5
  • vCenter Server 6.0
  • vCenter Server 5.5
  • vCenter Server 5.1
  • vCenter Server 5.0

Key Features of VMware Backup Free Edition

Agentless VMware Backup

By using Vembu VMBackup Free Edition, user can backup all or selected VMware VMs without installing any agent on each VMware VM. Free VMware backup is designed to protect the VMs running on VMware ESXi and vCenter environments using the VMware vStorage APIs (VADP)
Agentless VMware Backup

Transport modes

Vembu supports different transport modes such as SAN and Hot-Add, for faster data transfer speed with less resource utilization. Vembu VMBackup for VMware VMs will automatically analyze the user environment and it will choose the appropriate data transfer mode to provide secure backup data transfer for VMware backups.
Transport modes

Backup Scheduling Options

Different scheduling options helps to configure the backup schedules based on how frequently the successive backups are to be performed. User can choose from Hourly/Daily/Weekly options for the backup schedules from the console.
Backup Scheduling Options

Application-aware Image Backup

During each backup schedule, VMBackup verifies the Application writer consistency and provides deep VSS integration to deliver application-aware backup to ensure the consistency of the Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Active Directory. It also reduces the storage space by automatically truncating the transaction logs after performing a successful backup.
Application-aware Image Backup

Full VM Recovery to ESXi host

The backed up data of VMware VMs will be permanently restored to the same or different VMware ESXi host or vCenter server after any disaster.
Full VM Recovery to ESXi host

Quick VM Recovery

Vembu ensures RTO less than 15 minutes by delivering quick VM recovery options for Vembu VMBackup. Backed up VM data can be recovered instantly in VMware, Hyper-V and KVM environments without restoring the entire VM.
Quick VM Recovery

Instant File Recovery

Individual files and folders of the backed up VM can be instantly restored from virtual machine backup without restoring the whole VM.
File Level Recovery

Vembu Universal Explorer

IT Administrators can granularly recover the necessary application items from Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, and Sharepoint directly from the backed up VM data using Vembu Universal Explorer tool
Vembu Universal Explorer

Cross Platform Migration

Vembu VMware Backup Free Edition allows user to have an in-built V2V and V2P migrations. With Vembu VMBackup, a backed up VMware virtual machine can be migrated to any other hypervisors like Hyper-V or KVM with minimal downtime.
Cross Platform Migration

VM Disk Download Options

Free VM Backup allows downloading of VMware ESXi backup data to various virtual disk formats like VHD, VHDX, VMDK, VMDK-FLAT and IMG. So, later these virtual disks can be used to create a new VM on the hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM.
VM Disk Download Options

Efficient Storage Management

Vembu VMBackup uses its own VembuHIVE file systems on top of the storage repositories to enhance the performance and scalability of the storage targets. It has built-in compression, encryption, version control, and built-in error correction.
Efficient Storage Management

Scale-out Repositories

Storage targets of VMware ESXi VMs such as Local, SAN, NAS and DAS can be incrementally added to the storage repository anytime without affecting the existing VM backup jobs.
Scale-out Repositories

Success stories from our Customers

Lee Wong, The Mackie Group

“Vembu ensures availability of our core productions systems that support Mackie’s business operations

Alan Morris, Ceredigion County Council

“Vembu have been a valued partner since starting to use the product around 5 years ago

Phong Lam, Zecontech, Inc

“We have used Vembu product for years, starting with its hybrid-cloud backup solutions

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