Free Vembu Universal Explorer

An ideal tool to protect your Microsoft Business Applications

Product Overview

Vembu Universal Explorer is an add-on tool from Vembu which is exclusively designed to perform granular level recovery of Microsoft Applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Active Directory, which can be sourced from image-level backups of Physical and Virtual (VMware and Hyper-V) environments.

Turning down all the complexities with it’s easy to use and intuitive UI, Vembu Universal Explorer tool benefits users with hassle-free restoration of Microsoft application and its associated items.

Granular Recovery

Supported Version

Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Exchange Server 2016
  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2007

Microsoft SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2014
  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Active Directory

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 DC
  • Windows Server 2012 DC
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 STD

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

A granular object level recovery option for Microsoft Exchange items such as emails, calendars, contacts of users directly from the backup data.

  • Perform Mail Level Restore from Exchange database
  • View the Exchange email contents directly from the user interface
  • Export selected mailboxes or emails into a .pst format
  • Perform a live restore to other Microsoft Exchange servers

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Exchange Backup
Vembu Explorer for SharePoint

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint

Ensure faster granular level recovery of your essential data which are accidentally deleted or corrupted from the host server.

  • Granularly recover the required files and folders that reside on a SharePoint site to any location
  • View the SharePoint content directly from the Vembu Universal Explorer even without recovering the backed up data
  • Recover the contents of built-in lists like calendar, announcement, contacts in a text file

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Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SQL

Instantly recover all your valuable database objects such as Views, Tables, Triggers, Indexes, Functions, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Unique Keys and user-specified data types without restoring the entire SQL server.

  • Restore individual database or table instantly from any SQL Server backup to the same or different server
  • Export the structure or schema of the selected objects
  • View the MS SQL contents, like database and tables, directly

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Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server
Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory

Browse, search and restore the individual user roles and other AD items directly from the backup data, without restoring entire backup.

  • Perform instant granular level recovery of active directory objects without restoring the entire physical or virtual machine
  • Export and Restore any selected container from the backed up data
  • Recover lost user account and password instantly to avoid business interruption
  • Edit the Active Directory object, before importing it to a target server

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Success stories from our Customers

Jazan University

Vembu helps Jazan University to overcome their backup performance issues also delivering on recovery and scalability


Customer would recommend Vembu to others because it delivers on three things – quality, stability and value for money

Nutek Pte Ltd

Vembu is easy to use and there are a few free tools to use. Overall, totally worthy because of the product’s efficiency


The product itself is constantly improved and updated, and the Vembu support team is always on hand to assist with problems.