Free Vembu Recovery CD

Secure, Scalable & Simple solution to ensure Business Continuity for Data Centers

Product Overview

Vembu recovery CD eases up the complexities of data backup and minimizes the downtime with its advanced use-cases, which otherwise could take ages and consume a lot of resources with a traditional recovery approach.
Granular Recovery

Features of Vembu Recovery CD

Bare Metal Recovery

Conventional recovery process involves reinstalling the operating system and software applications followed by restoring the data and settings. With Vembu’s Recovery CD, you can boot the image of the backup data to a source or new hardware without any complications.

Boot file Configuration

There will be an obvious increase in the downtime of a business when a Blue Screen error or BOOTMGR missing error is thrown during recovery. Configure the corrupted boot sector of the backup data with the help of Vembu Recovery CD.

VMDK Driver Installation

It is necessary to install the supporting drivers for the smooth functioning of a new VM machine while migrating a physical machine to VMware environment. Vembu Recovery CD helps in injecting the necessary drivers into the backed up image data for easy migration.

Recover entire disk or a Partition

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