Mobile Content Management

Businesses have started to mobilize their workforce and therefore need an enterprise grade content management solution for their employees. They look out for solutions that provide anytime, anywhere access with central console which ensures them to securely create, view, edit and access enterprise content from their mobile devices.

Key Features

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Provides simple, secure content sharing from anywhere, on any device by letting you view and share files on the go – while still providing acknowledgement and visibility from a centralized administrative console.

View files from Anywhere

Browse through and view files directly on any device from anywhere with full-text search and always have access to the latest content even while riding the train to work – all without firing up your laptop.

Share files Effortlessly

Share files easily by sending a link – on your mobile device and know when files are received, via Vembu FileShare email notifications. You can access, work and send a file directly from a mobile device; no more waiting until you’re “by your PC or laptop.”

Maintain Security

You can protect your Mobile apps from unauthorized access to your files by enabling the Mobile passcode feature. With user authentication, only the right users have mobile access to the right files and the ability to transfer files.

Keep Content Centralized

Easily edit, annotate, e-sign and more from your mobile device. Get access to the latest content by saving edited files back to Vembu FileShare. No more data silos – all your mobile data across your app is centralized on Vembu.