Exchange Mailbox / Mail Level Recovery

Vembu OnlineBackup takes the snapshot of entire application with the datastore to deliver efficient backups and recovery of information stores, specific user mailboxes, email messages and shared folders from point-in-time exchange backups.

Key Features

Live Backup of Databases Live Backup of Databases

Easy, secure, fast and reliable way to backup the MS Exchange Server databases. This application can backup/restore the MS Exchange Server databases without interrupting or stopping the running MS Exchange Server services.

Easy Backup and Quick Restore Easy Backup and Quick Restore

Backing up and restoring the components of a Microsoft Exchange Server is usually a daunting task. Change that with Vembu Exchange server backup that contains database, logs, mailboxes, public folders, mails, and other components that structure the data. Ensure always a secure live Microsoft Exchange mailbox server backup that can be quickly restored with Vembu.

Granular Restore and Flexible storage capabilities Granular Restore and Flexible storage capabilities

Vembu’s Granular Recovery for Exchange has an intuitive user interface that allows you to search your Exchange mailbox quickly and easily, without the need for additional resources or complicated recovery solutions. Restore just the mailboxes and emails directly from your EDB backup or download the PST file locally to open emails in your Outlook.

Brick Level Mailbox Backup

Increase speed and improve performance with ‘Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup’. It allows you to backup individual mailboxes on the MS Exchange database to your Vembu account. The application backs up the contents of the selected mailboxes to a Personal Folder (.PST) file. It is designed to backup/restore individual mailboxes for selected mailbox database.

Quick Recovery Of Exchange Databases

Experience high performance protection for your exchange infrastructure with flexible granular mailbox and individual item recovery using Vembu Exchange server Backup.