End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) is a system of communication between two sources or nodes that can not be read or interrupted or stolen by anyone else. For the businesses and IT environments, backup encryption is very much important to maintain their privacy. Encryption is the process of converting information or data into a code to prevent unauthorized access. Vembu offers built-in AES 256 bit Encryption algorithm for all type of backup plugins, giving you the utmost protection of your backup in flight and at rest. This securely protects your data from hackers, intruders, criminals and is a critical component of security.
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End-to-End Encryption

How it works:

To ensures the security of your customer’s data, the backup data is compressed and encrypted during the transmission process, over the internet from the client to the Vembu BDR server. Vembu protects all your VM backups, Image level backups and Network backups with the latest AES 256 Encryption algorithm. Vembu BDR server stores the backup data in an encrypted form so that no one can see or access your original data.

Advanced Encryption Settings

Vembu provides Advanced Encryption Settings in Vembu NetworkBackup that is used to set a password for all your file and other(application) backup schedules. The AES 256 algorithm is used to encrypt and decrypt the data over the internet and backup storage location. To enable this, the user needs to Go to Settings → Advanced Encryption Settings

File Backup

Encryption password can be configured for File Backup,
  • In a client machine, you may need to create multiple backup schedules to categorize your backup data and if you want to protect it with a password, you can enable “Add file backup” in the Advanced Encryption settings page and can assign a password
  • When configuring a new backup schedule (for file/folder backup schedule), the Default Encryption Password will be applicable for all backups
  • If you forget the backup job password, using a local backup database, you can retrieve the same password to access your data without any issue

Other Backup

In this case, you can enable the Other Backup (all plugins backup) in the same Advanced Encryption Settings page.
  • You may need to create multiple plugin backup schedules (Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Mailbox, Sharepoint, Outlook, Mysql, MSSQL) to categorize your backup data
  • When configuring a new application backup schedule, the Default Encryption Password will be applicable for all type of plugins
  • By choosing advanced encryption password settings in Vembu NetworkBackup, you are assured that none can access your backup data without your password