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Hello Community,


  • StoreGrid 4.4.2

  • Exchange Server 2007 on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 x64 (210 mailboxes + 11 disconnected mailboxes)

All my data backup jobs are working perfeclty. The "Mailboxe Store" backup was working great until few weeks ago. I (think) did not change anything befire it started to fail. This backup was set up to dump before upload. The backup has started to fail always at the same place which seems to be one of the last mailboxes (Figure 1.x). Both the client (exchange) and backup server has been rebooted few times since this problem started. I tried to activate "Dump and upload paralelly". The error has changed (Figure 2.x), but the problem is the same. I also tried to change the schedule to see if it was a network issue.

I don't have error report. The only error message I get is the "StoreGrid was stopped during backup" when I restart Storegrid services.

I just can't find any more tips. Any suggestions?


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Figure 2.2 image description

Thank you

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