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2016-02-07 13:59:32 -0600 answered a question Upgrade appliance from 3.1.1 to 3.1.3

Mine installs without errors, but the version number is still 3.1.0 not 3.1.3 .. the build number seems to have been updated though. weird.

2016-02-07 13:56:55 -0600 answered a question Our server is showing "! Server Deactivated"

My server is activated, and paid for and I have 6 licences but still I have the ! Server De-activated prompt

2016-02-07 13:21:51 -0600 asked a question server rejected backup request and unable to register server

Hi, can anyone advise why it is that we can't register a newly installed server instance (appliance) of v3.1.1 ?

When I goto Management > Server Registration I pop in my working login details and hit Register button but nothing happens?

I have tried the same thing in Chrome, Firefox and IE to no avail.

Is this yet another bug in vembu BDR?

I have just set it up and I can't even get a simple test disk backup to run!!

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