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Thanks for writing to Vembu Technologies.

1.Please be informed, as per the current design of Vembu BDR Suite products, it is not possible to check the exact compression and dedupe ratio from user interface. We are already having this feature in our road map and it will be available in anyone of the upcoming release.

Also, please note that, by default you will get around 40 - 60 % storage reduction (including compression and de-duplication). As you already know, this ratio may vary depends on the source data.

The reason for the storage growth may be due to the retention and additional full backup configurations. If you would like to keep last 90 days of restore points or would like to keep multiple full backup data, that backup job may require more storage then the source data. Hence check the retention and additional full backup policies.

2.The data size shown in the web console is the uncompressed size where as the actual compressed size would be shown in the backup storage location. For the deleted backup job, after storage reduction, it consumed 400 GB in the storage location.

In the backup server web console, we have an option called "Reports -> Backup verification report" which is used to verify the status of a backup job on a regular basis. Enabling this option, will automatically boot the backed up machine and take a screen shot.

Hope the above is clear.

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