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Thanks for reply.

So you mean I should install Vembu BDR on my HyperV host when I want tu use Quick VM Recovery if VM get crashed? But what if HyperV get crashed?

For example, I have only one HyperV environment im my company. How to recover environment (on the same or new host) when I have installed backup software on primary HyperV host? 1. Repair host 2. Install HyperV 3. Install Vembur BDR and connect it to the already existed storage with backup files 4. Recover VM

This is recovery procedure? It is possible to connect new install of Vembu BDR to existing storage with backup files and then recover machine from that?

Please let me know

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Hi, need some help.

Free Vembu BDR is installed on virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 - it is located on HyperV host, let's say HyperV-A. Simple configuration, added storage pool, added another HyperV host (let's say HyperV-B), Vembu Integration Service is installed on it, backup job is running well, everything is fine.

But when I want to use Quick VM Recovery on HyperV-B Vembu says: Error: Hyper-V role is not enabled in this server to do Quick recovery. Please enable Hyper-V role and then try again

So... What is trying to tell me? That I should install Free VembuBDR on HyperV-B host, and manage all servers from that? It does not make sense, because what if my HyperV-B host will down? How will I manage my backups?

Please let me know, how it really works.

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