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Find my replies inline below,

When will the Vembu CRM Android App have the full functionality as the website?

Currently we are revamping Vembu CRM Suite's Android and IOS apps. It will be released during Vembu CRM Suite GA release, which is expected on early Jan 2016. Meanwhile, you can evaluate the Vembu CRM Suite BETA and let us know your valuable feedback. You can send us your feedback to us via, .

When will the Vembu Sales Desk and Vembu Social Desk Android Apps be released?

After Vembu CRM Suite GA release, we will release Android and IOS apps for Vembu SalesDesk and Vembu SocialDesk.

Why isn't there live chat capability in the CRM Suite?

As Vembu CRM Suite is in BETA, we have released limited features for our customer to test the product and provide us feedback. And the live chat feature is already in our roadmap and it will be available after GA release.

How do I embed the Vembu Support login portal directly into my website?

You can embed the Self Service Portal in your website by updating the URL in your website. You can get the Self Service Portal link under "Settings -> Company Profile" after login to Vembu HelpDesk with Admin account. Please note that the Self Service Portal link will redirect to "'yourcompanyname'/login.html" . We are working by analysing other competitors to provide suitable solution to load the Self Service Portal in customer's website.

Is there a way to lock down a section of my Vembu Support Portal so only my clients have access to it?

As of now, we are providing following options for end users(clients),

  1. Queries - where they can view their support tickets and manage them.
  2. Knowledge Base - They can view the KBs and comment it.

Also, we will be adding 'Forum' after GA release for Self Service Portal.

As you requested, Forum will be suitable for creating conversations with your top clients. But all the above features will be available by default when you create a end user account. Currently it is not possible, if you would like to enable or disable any specific section for your end clients. Also, please note that, the end users can not view the tickets created by other users and access any private data.

If you need any specific features, please elaborate us to provide you suitable solution.

Hope this helps.

2015-11-12 01:21:39 -0600 answered a question How do I solve the "Please enter valid domain" error?

This is a known issue and it has been already fixed in our lab. We will integrate this fix in our production Vembu CRM Suite server by mid of next week. We will update you once the Vembu CRM Suite servers are upgraded.

I apologies for the inconvenience this may cause to you.

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