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Hi Gowerg,

The client upgrade is not the reason for backup failure. We have verified your account details from our Portal server and we noticed the clients are consuming more license then the purchased. Detailed report has been send to your e-mail, please verify it. To over come the backup failure, we request you to purchase from the Customer portal or give us confirmation to charge from your credit card for these extra usage.

2015-10-19 12:38:24 -0500 answered a question Getting "Connection failure with server" error message.

Hi sschiller,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please note that, this error "Connection failure with server" occurs when there is a temporary network connectivity issue between the client and the Vembu OnlineBackup servers running on Amazon Web Services. If the backup job failed with connectivity error, it will be automatically rescheduled and the backup job will continue where it was left before. We have noticed that the backup from your client is now reconnected and running without any issue. You can check this by login to the Vembu OnlineBackup client web console.

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