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2019-08-29 04:55:14 -0500 answered a question Backup Verification "Boot" image is black or..

As per the design, the screenshot for image verification boot report is triggered after a time gap of 10mins.

If the boot process takes more time, then the screen will be blank; At that point, if a screenshot gets triggered obviously you get to see a blank black screen. It's not an issue, if needed, you can run a quick VM recovery and verify the boot status of the backup job.

And you can also try altering the default timeout value (10mins) by changing attributes "VMSnapshotTimeout" in the 'SGIntegrityCheck.conf' configuration file present in < BDR installed location >\Vembu\VembuBDR\conf.

2019-07-31 05:52:35 -0500 answered a question Monitoring Backups

Vembu provides a centralized management & reporting platform (Vembu BDR360), which helps you to keep track of all configured backup jobs by guaranteeing end-to-end visibility. Click to know more about Vembu BDR360.

2019-07-15 08:30:28 -0500 answered a question Why is VemBDR service consuming more Memory?
  • As per the design, when the backups are in progress BDR application will consume up to 50% of the total RAM in order to have better performance; this value is configurable you can change the memory limit by changing the 'MemoryPoolSize' attribute value in < BDRInstallationLocation>/conf/SGFSConf.xml file (value in bytes).

    After changing the attribute value, you need to restart the Vembu BDR service. If the issue persists, then contact our support through, so we can analyze the issues further and provide a timely solution.

  • Moreover, you are using the BDR v3.7.0, for a better experience on feature and enhancements of the software try upgrading to the latest version of Vembu BDR.

2019-07-12 08:33:20 -0500 answered a question Error when restoring
  • To get a clear understanding of the error, we are in need of the restore logs, which can be found from the path: < BDR _Home>\log\< BDR _ID> \< Backup Job _Name>; For Example (C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR\log\ Client _ID\ Backup job _Name); collect the logs and mail to as a zip file.

  • As per the expert's advice, instead of migrating data from one server to another, we would suggest trying the VM Replication feature of Vembu.

2019-07-09 10:37:44 -0500 answered a question Why is VemBDR service consuming more Memory?

Normally, the product doesn't consume much of CPU and memory; but to analyze the case further provide us with the following details.

  1. Was there any backup activity running behind?, to check this share us the screenshot of the Vembu BDR Server-dashboard and the system details of the server machine on which BDR runs (Control panel > System & Security > System).

  2. Share the Vembu BDR server version details.

  3. Does this issue occur always or only during any specific activity?

2019-07-05 03:01:49 -0500 answered a question Free Edition CDP

As per the design, the backup jobs configured within 30 days of the trial period has no restrictions on the features. After 30 days of the trial period, you must switch to either paid edition or free edition of the software.

If chosen the free edition, then you have to newly configure the backup jobs again by deleting the backup jobs configured during the trial period to avail the full-features limited to 3 VMs only.

To extend the trial period for your testing, and to report the bugs in the software, contact our support team at

2019-06-20 09:19:08 -0500 answered a question Getting message "Restore failed due to insufficient storage" but have plenty of disk space

This error would occur if the target disk\volume doesn't have enough space for its recovery. To analyze it further, we request you to mail the following details to in a zip format.

  1. Whether the target disk\volume has 125 GB or more than 125GB of free space.

  2. Screenshot of 'Restore Options' page in Disk\Partition Recovery option from Backup Server console.

  3. Screenshot of target Disk's layout from Disk Management console.

  4. The Logs folder of Vembu BDR Server. You can find the log folder at "<installation_path>\Vembu\VembuBDR\" location. By default, it will be "C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR"

2019-06-18 09:00:23 -0500 answered a question Can't Enable Retention On New Backup Job

Retention policy for the backup job exists since the introduction of free-edition of the software. The backup jobs configured within 30 days of the free trial has no restrictions on the retention policies.

After 30 days of free trial you must switch to either paid edition or free edition of the software; if chosen the free edition, then the software automatically hides the retention policies for the physical Windows Server machines such as Windows 2008, Windows 2008R2, etc..; whereas Vembu offers free unlimited features for backup of workstations i.e. Windows desktop OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, etc...

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2019-06-17 12:44:24 -0500 answered a question Can't Enable Retention On New Backup Job

As per our understanding, you must have configured backup for a Windows Workstation, on which you could enable the retention policy for the backup job, Or you may have configured the backup for physical Windows Server during the 30-days of product trial.

Vembu offers unlimited free workstation backup. But for the physical Windows Servers, we only support limited features under free edition.

For further understanding, please refer to this Edition Comparison page.

2019-06-14 02:50:58 -0500 answered a question Please enter the summary of your question

This error occurs when our application is not able to track the changed blocks of backed-up virtual machines; try to reset the CBT manually by referring to the KB article on 'How to reset CBT'

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2019-06-10 06:26:34 -0500 answered a question Where can I find Vembu BDR 4.0 installer?

All previous versions of Vembu BDR installers and its information are in this Product Upgrade Guide. You can find the v4.0 of Vembu BDR installer on page 9 of the above document.

2019-06-04 10:03:59 -0500 answered a question How do I switch to free version when I cant connect to the internet
  • Switching to the free edition requires the Vembu BDR Server to be registered in Vembu portal, for which you should have an internet connection.
  • Moreover, offline backup is available only for the paid edition and not for the free edition of Vembu BDR.

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