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Hi Nivas,

first fo all, thanks a lot for the detailed and sophisticated answers! I also appreciate that you added the belonging links to the different topics. Some follow up questions:

4) Where can I find those? Is there some documentation if you want to do some scripting on your own?

5) Is it possible to test/trial BDR360 too?

6) So if I understand you correctly I only have to update the Offsite Server in my DC manually and all the servers at the customer locations as well as the agents are update automatically afterwards?

7) Okay, but it can be configured in a way that if the device is outside of the LAN it backups over WAN to the customer location, correct?

8) Is it possible to use S3 compatible storage (e.g. Wasabi) as (offsite) storage?

9) How can I get the Hyper-V image of Vembu BDR for testing?

Thanks again

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I'm considering switching to vembu. We are an MSP and my required scenario is having the BDR software running on site at every customer. In addition we want to do offsite copies to our own datacentre. We want to do agentless backups of Hyper-V vms as well as image backups of physical windows servers, workstations and laptops. I have some questions about vembus capabilities:

  1. Is GFS possible without forced full backups? So can I have e.g. 10 yearly backups which are all still incremental?
  2. Is vembu using reverse incremental forever or incremental forever? If the latter how long does it take to recover the newest backup in a long chain?
  3. Is automated screenshot verification possible?
  4. Is a scripted/automated installation of the windows physical backup agents possible?
  5. Is there a centralized and multi tenant managment and monitoring console available?
  6. Is it possible to update the BDR suite as well as the agents automatically and/or through a centralized console?
  7. Is there a solution for laptops which aren't in the LAN very often? Is it possible to configure that the backups goes directly to the offsite location if the BDR server isn't reachable?

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