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My Vembu is installed directly on tested HV host, so if i'll send logs only from < ProductInstallationLocation>\log will be OK?

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I'm testing Vembu for HyperV in free version. I have one HV host in Windows Server 2012 R2 with one test VM with WS2012R2. Strange thing but it looks like the Deduplication is not working. What I did:

  1. I did first full VM backup and couple incremental backups.
  2. Created 1.7GB file (ISO) inside VM and did a incremental backup.
  3. I've made 20 copies of the same 1.7GB file on VM desktop (all copies has now about 34GB).
  4. I did incremental backup and noticed that job has transfered about 34GB of data, and my backup data on backup pool increased about 34GB.

What about deduplication and compression? Backup job should transfer about 1.7GB not 34GB! Storare pool size should increase about 1.7GB not 34GB.

Storage pool is created using one network share on Synology NAS.

Any Idea? Should I enable Dedup and Compression anyhow?

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