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Is the team working on call center integration?

I'd like to see call center integration in Vembu Help Desk, Sales Desk, and Social Desk. The problem with existing solutions is that they are far too expensive, require multiple accounts from various vendors to handle call center management, and hardly anything is centralized.

I would like to see a call center solution where the customer calls in, their info appears on the agent's screen, and you can take the callers' payments all in one place. It should have a full CRM built-into the system, allow management to listen into agent calls live and take over the call when appropriate, and a live chat feature to keep them updated on things throughout the team. Plenty of agent statistics as well, an auto-dialer, inbound/outbound/blended calling.

I also want the ability to have unlimited agents for one low price, rather than a per agent fee. Other companies already charge per minute during calls, which is no problem; but why have incredibly high per agent fees on top of that?

Solving these issues will be a differentiating factor.

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