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Miscellaneous Questions

I have a few questions:

When will the Vembu CRM Android App have the full functionality as the website?

When will the Vembu Sales Desk and Vembu Social Desk Android Apps be released?

Why isn't there live chat capability in the CRM Suite?

How do I embed the Vembu Support login portal directly into my website? I would like to have your system on my website, rather than have it take them off my website and into yours.

Is there a way to lock down a section of my Vembu Support Portal so only my clients have access to it? I receive many inquiries on a daily basis and want the priority support to only go to certain clients.

With that being said: Do I have the ability to setup user accounts in Vembu Help Desk just for my top clients? I don't want to give them access to private data or the ability to access tickets, just a private section for them to discuss projects and get support from me.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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