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voltracker.sys possibly causing server to reboot bug check PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (50)

Our Windows server 2019 Vembu BDR physical server (Bristol) has over the past few weeks rebooted itself with Stop error 50 a number of times. This BDR server manages the backups of our microsoft hyper-v 2016 failover cluster vms and works great. As Vembu image backup has not hyper-v aware it should not be used to backup Bristol server itself, so we are using Windows Server Backup (WSB) for this role at this time. I am now concerned there might be a conflict occurring between the Vembu Integration Service (VIS) sometimes when the nightly WSB backup is run per schedule. Voltracker.sys is a driver also used be the Vembu Integration Service that shows up on the bugcheck analysis referencing invalid system memory. So before raising a support call I wanted to reach out here on this forum that perhaps others have had dealings with this issue and share, thanks for reading.

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