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Backup Linux VM on Hyper-V fails

Hey guys,

I evaluate the free edition of Vembu and try to backup a CentOS VM running on Hyper-V. The backup always fails with the error:

"Snapshot initialization failed ,as volume could not be added to Snapshot Set"

If I make a manual checkpoint in Hyper-V manager I can create it successfully, but not with Vembu. Is there something that needs to be installed on the CentOS VM? The HV integration services are installed:

/sbin/modinfo hv_vmbus

filename: /lib/modules/3.10.0-862.14.4.el7.x8664/kernel/drivers/hv/hvvmbus.ko.xz

license: GPL

retpoline: Y

rhelversion: 7.5

srcversion: FDEC375DD4661BC80D39F62

alias: acpi:VMBus:

alias: acpi:VMBUS:


intree: Y

vermagic: 3.10.0-862.14.4.el7.x8664 SMP modunload modversions

signer: CentOS Linux kernel signing key

sig_key: E4:A1:B6:8F:46:8A:CA:5C:22:84:50:53:18:FD:9D:AD:72:4B:13:03

sig_hashalgo: sha256

/sbin/lsmod | egrep -i "^hv|hyperv"

hv_utils 25808 0

hv_balloon 22083 0

hv_storvsc 22446 2

hv_netvsc 46215 0

hyperv_keyboard 12787 0

hid_hyperv 13118 0

hyperv_fb 17798 1

hvvmbus 49764 7 hvballoon,hypervkeyboard,hvnetvsc,hidhyperv,hvutils,hypervfb,hvstorvsc

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