Vembu Backup Free Edition with retention disable never deletes old backups?

I was under the impression the free edition without retention enabled would just perform full backups rather than incremental, and the settings would be under the Additional Full Backup Settings. However the backup I have setup seems to just keep filling my NAS up with no backups ever being deleted. All the backups are succeeding so it's not a case of it keeping the last 2 good backups because they're all good.
image description

Here is what I see when I view the backup
image description

and here's what the folder containing the backups looks like
image description

That's more than 2 backups, and It just keeps going until my NAS runs out of space. Am I looking at the wrong setting? Note that this backup was created after switching over to the Free edition so it's not like it's got invalid settings from creating the job using the pro version either.


In response to the first suggested answer, I cannot see any dropdown, nor a delete icon.... image description

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