New backup failed because of checkpoints

asked 2017-06-12 20:31:18 -0600

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removed ALL checkpoints in Hyper-V with powershell, backup fails because of checkpoints, ALL Checkpoints removed, why the failure?

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answered 2017-06-12 22:00:38 -0600

ken.mccarey965 gravatar image

With HYPER-V Missed the obvious..... Need to restart the VM to activate the Merge after deleting the checkpoint, however was in use at my school, re-start and all OK backup was good

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Yes sometimes this may occur in Hyper-V. There may be various reason for merge failure. Restarting the VM will fix the issue. Make sure that the Hyper-V Integration services are enabled and it state is uptodate. This improves integration between the host and the VM.

Senthil ( 2017-06-13 06:46:24 -0600 )edit
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