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We are busy doing a restore of Exchange. The restore has been running for 4 hours and only 8.17GB of the 413.3GB is done. Why is the restore so slow? Is there something we can do to speed up the process? I'm not entirely sure where the bottleneck could be.

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answered 2017-05-15 08:02:43 -0600

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Hi Gabriel,

Generally performance of the backup/restore depends on multiple factors like below,

  1. Network performance (based on available bandwidth and network traffic).
  2. Hard disk performance in both client and server - the backup/restore performance will be poor if the hard disk is old and is extremely fragmented.
  3. System resources like Memory/CPU.
  4. Source/Target location type (NAS/SAN/DAS). If the location is network drive then the performance could be low relatively.

So, please check the above and send us the details to analyse this issue.

Meanwhile, please note that if you are backing upto a remote server and trying to restore Exchange server data from Client side recovery, you can restore the same data from Backup Server side itself using our Server side restore. Then you can ship the data to client side through a USB / External drive. This will avoid the data transferred through the network and speed up your restore process

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