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Hi There,

We have recently installed VBR and network client for evaluation purpose.

We had setup backup of 2 clients. Backup got aborted as client machine was not available after few hours of backup.

When we triggered the backup next morning, it showed as incremental backup and not full. Is this expected behavior?

I believe it should first complete full backup, create a restore point and then start with incremental backup next day.

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answered 2017-04-26 06:09:01 -0600


Yes, if the initial full backup got interrupted due to connection loss or some other reason and once the next backup schedule starts, we will report it as 'incremental schedule' and the backup will start from where it left off. Also during this incremental schedule, the files which were not sent during the first full backup schedule will be transferred fully.

Regarding the restore point, even if the full backup is interrupted (with few files get transferred), we will create a restore point for the files transferred during the particular schedule.

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