Attempting to backup older version of VMWare (4.0)

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Vembu BDR is installed and setup. See the host machines and let me configure everything I need to do. Run back up and get: There were errors while trying to backup the Virtual Machines configured for for backup. Progress status: connected to server ot initiate the backup:#hx0a - VMWare snapshot in progress - job fails with backup process interrupted.

I have read the manual and everything is setup correctly so it is more than likely something incorrect / not started on the VM but I have no idea what it could be. Any Suggestions?

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answered 2017-03-28 18:53:06 -0600

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This error message will come for snapshot or dump failure.

Common failure cases:

  1. If the virtual machine hardware configuration is less than 7.
  2. Any Guest VM is configured in two or more backup.
  3. Any problem in accessing the vmdk file.
  4. Break up in CBT ( It happen in case of any improper shutdown/hard shutdown)
  5. Issue in disk consolidation.

To analyze this case in detail, we need the following details.

  1. Hardware configuration of the guest machines,
  2. Backup report by expanding the last two incremental.
  3. The log file "sgbackup.log" and "vsphere.log" available in the location "<vembubdr_installation_location>\log\<backup_name>".
  4. Whether he configured any other backup for the same guest machine.

Please send the details to our support [vembu-support@vembu.com]. its help to provide the suitable solution to you.

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