What can cause "Missed Schedule" or the "Backup Socket" to be idle for 30 minutes?

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We seem to be constantly be getting these errors for our clients backups, issue is there does not seem to be a lot on this subject that i can find. Is there certain settings that can be changed to correct this? Does the PC need to be awake for the backup to take place?

Side note: The Service is running in the background and is enabled in startup.

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answered 2017-03-28 13:48:51 -0600

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@Missed schedule report for backup jobs

Normally this error reported when the backup job does not scheduled as per the scheduled time. For example, if the backup job set to run daily at 9 AM and if the Vembu BDR backup server will not receive the backup job until 10 AM, this error will be reported for the backup job.

Also, if the time zone settings in the backup server and client differs, this issue occurs. Please check the both the cases and let us know your findings.

@backup Socket was idle for more than 30 mins

The error "Backup Socket was idle for more than 30 mins" occurs when the Vembu-OnlineBackup Client losses the network connection and the Vembu BDR Server has timed out after 30 minutes. If connection between the client and server is alive, Vembu-OnlineBackup client will send the KEEP_ALIVE packets periodically and server will not timed out. Hence we believe, that this problem can be caused due network connection issue at the client side.

Normally, if backup fails, Vembu-OnlineBackup will allow to reschedule the process automatically after 5 minutes from the client. So, backup will get successfully completed in your environment for the next schedule. Please check whether all the configured files has been transferred successfully from your client to the backup server.

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