Getting "Proceed Ack failed" as the status of recent backup jobs

asked 2017-03-09 18:15:04 -0600

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Note: Product Name not listed below support question form. Product is VembuBDR and Vembu ImageBackup and VembuNetworkBackup.

2 recent jobs show status FAILUE with "Proceed Ack failed" as the remarks. i don't know what this means or how to fix it.

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answered 2017-03-10 02:19:53 -0600

ramalingam gravatar image

This error message "Proceed Ack failed" will occur if the client doesn't receive the initial handshake ack from the backup server within the stipulated time. By default, its time is 1800 secs [30 mins]. The other possible reason for this issue might be,

1) Failed to access the Repository location in the backup server.

2) Failed to access the backup end Database.

3) The return ack might be dropped due to transient network problem, which might be resolved automatically in the next schedule. Please check whether the issue gets resolved in the next consecutive schedule.

So, in order to confirm that what exactly caused this issue in your environment, we need to look on the log files and it is present in below location

i) VembuBDRInstallation>\log\server.log

ii) VembuBDRInstallation>\1\<clientname>\<backupname>\backup.log

Please send the above files to our support email id vembu-support AT vembu.com which will help us to analyse the issue further and provide the suitable solution to you.

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