ImageBackup problem with Client ID

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I will try to explain you my problem with Vembu ImageBackup on one PC client. I have successfully install the software and make a backup task what PC didn't finish. I didn't like that boot disk was mounted in Windows, so I have decide to make reinstall of the Vembu ImageBackup. After reinstallation, when I give the PC the same ID and creating the backup task, I getting this msg: "Error while getting/Inserting client token::Error in inserting client uuid into DB"

In VembuBDR server i can't see problematic client in menu: boldClient Information Reportbold Can someone help me with this problem? How I can remove database entry for this problematic PC?

Thank you in advance.

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answered 2017-01-16 06:57:26 -0600

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From your concern, we believe that you are trying to configure backup from client where the Vembu BDR client was already successfully installed afresh and uninstalled. Here, previous installation of Vembu BDR ID leads to cause of the issue. In-order to resolve this issue, you can delete the entry in CLIENT_UUID table by following below steps. After removing this entry you will be able to configure backups from the problematic client machine.

Step 1 : Open the command prompt with administrator privileges.

Step 2 : Run the command -> >mysql -u root -p<password>

Step 3 : Select the Main database

       mysql> use sgdatabase ;

       Database changed

Step 4 : View the list of clients configured in server using below commands.

     mysql> select * from CLIENT_UUID \G ;
Here you can select the client ID shown the values. 
Ex : VEMBUBDR_ID: test_machine

Step 5 : Now run the deleted command for removing the Client_ID from the database.

Ex : delete from  CLIENT_UUID where VEMBUBDR_ID ='test_machine';

Step 6 : Then schedule the backups from your client end and check the status.

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That worked just perfect ! ! Thank you for support and solution !

DavorJ ( 2017-01-16 08:12:42 -0600 )edit

I have a similar problem and have followed the steps above and still can't initiate a backup. I'm backing up to a Vembu BDR server running on Ubuntu from a Windows server 2012 using the Hyper-V plugin. I had set up the client initially with the ID "HVHOST" and after a reinstall of my server I tried to set up the client again. I first deleted the backup from the BDR server and allowed some time for the client to disappear from the client list, then I set up my client. I got the error saying Client ID already exists so tried "HVHOST1" which took me a step further but failed with "Error while getting/Inserting client token::Error in inserting client uuid into DB" Is there a way to completely remove the Client ID from the server so that I can re-use the same client ID?

sidneymcgeer ( 2017-03-22 01:38:21 -0600 )edit
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