VembuBDR service wont stay running, stops after 15 seconds

When I start VembuBDR Service on server TORSQL it runs for 15 seconds and stops. All backups to this server are failing.

Was running OK for a month.

Server.log has this message repeated over and over: 22-09 11:08:53 INFO <vmwareutil> CreateJavaVM :: Going to create JavaVM [VmWareUtil.cpp:1304] 22-09 11:08:53 INFO CreateJavaVM :: JVM creation status :0<vmwareutil> [VmWareUtil.cpp:1455] 22-09 11:08:57 INFO $$$$ End of checkandupdate thread :1474556933:1474556935:1474556937:1474556937:4: $$$ [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:698] 22-09 11:08:57 INFO Finished processing dbUpdateThreadStarted :0: dbUpdateThreadFinished :0: $$$ [CheckAndUpdateBackupDetails.cpp:2170]

Windows event log has: The VembuBDR service entered the running state. followed 15 seconds later with: The VembuBDR service terminated unexpectedly.

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