Vembu BDR Appliance - OS Drive Fills Up And Backups Stop

We have the BDR Virtual Appliance running on Hyper-V Server 2012R2. The appliance installed and ran without issue, and setup went smoothly.

However, when the initial storage area was consumed, instead of leaving enough room for the operating system the drive filled up and the operating system failed to perform properly. Backups fail because the Vembu BDR backup software doesn't start up presumably due to lack of disk space. I don't think backup data switched to the secondary storage area soon enough.

The OS came back to life after repositioning the extended partition and increasing the size of the OS partition. Of course the existing backups would not continue and we had to delete client data and reconfigure new backups.

The way the appliance is configured doesn't make sense as it is not possible for it to use the secondary storage area as the OS is compromised before that can happen. Setup info:

Virtual Appliance running on Hyper-V 16GB Ram Primary storage area (Was around 460GB now expanded to 1TB) Secondary storage area 10TB

Is there any way to resolve this problem and has it happened to anyone else. We would prefer a small .vhd to run the OS directly on the server drives and the backup data to reside on the 10TB attached storage area.

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