Image Backup - Desktop VS File Backup - Desktop

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image backup is twice the price compared to file backup. Isn't it pretty much the same thing because according to https://www.vembu.com/products/vembu-...

I'm still able to recover the whole desktop if something goes wrong because it backs up registries and system data?

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answered 2016-03-28 02:41:45 -0600

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Yes, both the image and granular backups does have similar functionalities such as, backing up files, applications and restoring them back to the same or different machine. Though you have option to restore the files/folders and application items when you required, you can not completely rebuild the backed up machines instantly after disaster.

So, it depends upon the business requirements. If you are looking for business continuity, RPO & RTO less than 15 minutes and instant recoveries, we recommend you to use image level backups, where you can

  1. Instantly boot the baked up physical servers/desktops on Hyper-V, VMware and KVM
  2. Instantly migrate a physical machine into any hypervisors
  3. Bare-metal recovery by using Vembu Recovery CD

Hope this helps. Also, Vembu offers file and image level backup licenses for desktops at free of cost. If you need standard support from our technical support team, you need to pay an annual maintenance fee for the desktops.

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