File backups are not allowed

asked 2015-10-13 07:29:19 -0600

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After upgrading to 3.1, file backups are disabled with 'File backups are not allowed in VMBackup Product' message. I am not able to run the backup again. Please advice.

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answered 2015-10-13 08:18:29 -0600

Udhaya gravatar image


We have deprecated 'File\Folder Backup' feature from our VMBackup 31 version and we are supporting only image level backups(VMware vSphere,Microsoft Hyper-V and Physical Server) in VMBackup Product. However, you can restore the backup data from already configured backups in VMBackup Backup Server side. In this scenario, we recommends you install Vembu NetworkBackup v31 software in your client machine and you can run file backups to VMBackup Backup Server after following the below steps in Server side.

  1. Stop VMBackup Server Service.
  2. Go to <vembu_home>\conf folder and add an attribute 'PermitAllBackups="1" in tag <module>, in SGConfiguration file.
  3. Start VMBackup Server Service.

Now, create new file backup jobs from NetworkBackup Client and schedule it to already installed VMBackup Server.

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