BDR Backup Server Microsoft 365 service will not restart after losing internet connection

I'm evaluating this solution to backup Microsoft 365. I was in the process of running the initial backup for the MS365 Exchange (Mailboxes and One Drives) when I suddenly lost internet. When internet connection was restored, I got a message on my screen saying that BDRSuite Backup Server Microsoft 365 service has stopped working and it will be restarted. But, then, they kept showing up over and over again. I tried to restart it manually from the system tray app, but that didn't work. I logged off and logged back on, and that didn't solve it. I had to restart the computer to get it to work again. This is not a very encouraging situation. I am test driving this software on a machine that I work on daily and I can monitor for this kind of events. But I was planning on setting this up on a machine in the server room at the office and let it run unattended with intermittent sporadic checks. If this event happens without my knowledge, the backups will not be performed until I check the status of that machine again. And then I would have to restart the machine remotely if I'm not at that location (and I only go there once or twice a week). Is there anything that can be done to resolve this issue? Can I help by sending some logging information to you? Please advise. Thank you, Calin

Edit (after spending a bit of time to troubleshoot) It seams that the problem is that the system tray app is not able to restart the BDRSuite Backup Server Microsoft365 service. However, if I opened Task Manager, Services page, I can see that service with the status "Stopped". Right click, start, and we are good to go again.

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