BDR Suite 5.3.0 Baremetal Recovery

In BDR Suite 5.3.0 I am using Disk Rotation. I am familar with the Bare Metal recovery proceedure of dumping the database from the backup hard drive back in to BDR installation. In Disk Rotation I am not seeing the database to put back in to the BDR installation.

How do I perform a full bare-metal recovery using Disk Rotation?

Update 110922:
So if the disk-rotation drives do not contain the databases and you lose the bdr server, say to theft, lighting or fire damage, how would you restore the backups? It seems that you are implying that there should be another default repository somewhere to store the databases, or we should not use disk-rotation for full backups...

Please elaborate.

The restore script is a nice touch by the way!

Update 111422: I copied the database to the rotation media and successfully ran the script below to restore the database, but when it comes to the rebuild process, it says Rebuild - Yet to start. When I try to restore a backup job, it tells me there is no Host/VM to restore. Please advise.

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