RepoPath Not available in sgstorage location

Hello all, trialing Vembu BDR 5.0 on a VM WinServer 2012.

We're using QNAPs connected to the server as NAS drives for backup repositories. I've made a backup job, but whenever I try to run it I get multiple errors:

  • An initial pop-up in the bottom-right corner of the browser window stating the following: "Message :Error: Backup request to server failed.Allocated space for respective repository exceeds..."

  • An error in the Backup Job Level Report stating "Error 101016: Not enough disk space in the Backup repository to process the backup job."

  • New lines in the error.log file for VembuBDR stating "RepoPath Not available in sgstorage location : : RepoID 6 : : RepoPath = //(NAS address)VembuBDR/sgstorage/(repository name)/Repo_6" as well as a general "FileAggregatorRepoManager returns empty string. Repo is not available"

The QNAP has 14TB of 16TB free so I know there's enough storage for the 3 small VM's we're using as tests. The QNAP is also joined to the same domain as the BDR host, is on the same network subnet and VLAN as the BDR host, and we have whitelisted everything to do with the BDR host, from IP to FQDN to our global admin account, but we still get this error. I haven't ruled out issue being on the QNAP's end, but with how little settings there are to configure I can't imagine much more to change that we haven't already. I've confirmed that the subfolder "Repo6" doesn't exist in the repository and is not hidden, but the software automatically created the "sgstorage" and "(repository name)" subfolders so I assumed it would make Repo6 as well. Manually creating a folder called "Repo_6" doesn't fix the issue.

I see that this issue has been asked before, but the thread was for a licensed user and was redirected to internal customer support. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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