All email notifications are failing

I am testing the Vembu 5 beta. Backups are completing, but any scheduled report or criteria-based email notification are failing to send. SMTP is configured and the test email sends without issue.

Here is an example of an attempt this morning:

[02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO Starting logger for Scheduled Mail Report of report config id ::3 [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO backup status str ::Clientqrystr ::'All' _clientbackupgroupnamestr ::'All' Plgintypeqrystr :: [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO groupname ::'All' [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO clintbkpgrpnameqry :: [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO query to get backup job level reports:: SELECT GLOBAL.sg_group_id AS SGGROUPID, GLOBAL.clientname AS CLIENTNAME, GLOBAL.backupname AS BACKUPNAME, GLOBAL.disk_space_used AS GLOBALCOMPRESSEDSIZE, GLOBAL.original_size_protected AS GLOBALORIGINALSIZE, GLOBAL.backup_plugin_type AS PLUGINTYPE, REC.full_backup_id AS FULLBACKUPID, REC.incremental_backup_id AS INCREMENTALBACKUPID, REC.backup_status AS REPORTSTATUS, REC.remarks AS REMARKS, REC.error_code AS ERRORCODE , REC.backup_start_time AS SCHEDULESTARTTIME, REC.backup_end_time AS SCHEDULEENDTIME, REC.disk_space_used AS RECENTCOMPRESSEDSIZE, REC.original_file_size AS RECENTORIGINALSIZE, (REC.no_of_files_added + REC.no_of_files_modified + REC.no_of_files_skipped) as TOTALFILES, (REC.no_of_files_added + REC.no_of_files_modified) as PROTECTEDFILES, REC.no_of_files_skipped AS SKIPPEDFILES, REC.no_of_folders_skipped AS SKIPPEDFOLDERS FROM (SELECT b.sg_group_id, a.sg_group_name AS CLIENTNAME, b.sg_group_name AS BACKUPNAME, c.disk_space_used, c.original_size_protected, c.backup_plugin_type FROM sg_groups AS a, sg_groups AS b, backup_group_details AS c WHERE a.group_role_id = 3 AND a.sg_group_id = b.parent_group_id AND b.group_role_id = 4 AND b.sg_group_id = c.sg_group_id AND b.sg_group_id NOT IN (SELECT j.sg_group_id FROM plugin_configured_unit_details AS h, sg_groups AS i, sg_groups AS j WHERE i.group_role_id = 3 AND j.group_role_id = 4 AND h.client_name = i.sg_group_name AND h.backup_name = j.sg_group_name AND h.is_vm_replication = 1)) AS GLOBAL LEFT JOIN (SELECT Max(backup_end_time) AS SCHEDULE_END_TIME, client_name, backup_name FROM incremental_backup_report GROUP BY client_name, backup_name) AS INCR ON GLOBAL.clientname = INCR.client_name AND GLOBAL.backupname = INCR.backup_name JOIN incremental_backup_report AS REC ON REC.client_name = INCR.client_name AND REC.backup_name = INCR.backup_name AND REC.backup_end_time = INCR.schedule_end_time ORDER BY REC.BACKUP_END_TIME DESC [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO results from query::11 [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO In setmissedcnt after rset null [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO BackupJobLevelReport count ::1 [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36] INFO Getting SMTP configration for the group1 [] [02-08-2021 09:20:36]ERROR Error occured in Start Scheduled Email Reports :: null []

The SGMailerLog.log contains only:

*##### Initializing SGSMTPMailer object.

SGSMTPAuthLogin:15: Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthLogin:24: End of Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthCramMD5:15: Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthCramMD5:24: End of Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthPlain:15: Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthPlain:24: End of Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthAnonymous:15: Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthAnonymous:24: End of Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthNTLM:36: Initializing.
SGSMTPAuthNTLM:46: End of Initializing.
SGSMTPMailer object Initialized.
SGSMTPAuthAnonymous:42: Deinitializing.
SGSMTPAuthCramMD5:160: Deinitializing.
SGSMTPAuthLogin:42: Deinitializing.
SGSMTPAuthNTLM:660: Deinitializing.
SGSMTPAuthPlain:42: Deinitializing.*

Any ideas?

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