Backing up config files failed - ESXi 7.0.2

Good morning Vembu community,

Having this issue since after our VMware server migrated to ESXi 7.0.2, Host has VMs that vary from Windows 2012 to 2019, all of them experience the same error when Backup Job is started: VMX file is missing from backup files set.

More details:

  1. Each VM power on perfectly, both VMX and VMDK files are there, on their respective folders
  2. Vembu version 4.0.0
  3. ESXi version 7.0.2
  4. We have plenty of space on destination HD, so free space is not an issue here.
  5. Vembu log file says: 04-05-21 10:45:03 ERROR [ CEsxiBackup::CreateFullVMBackup ] CEsxiBackup :: <createfullvmbackup> :: JNI_PerformPreBackupSteps Failed :: Backing up config files failed [EsxiBackup.cpp:283] 04-05-21 10:37:48 ERROR [ VmWareBackup::ExecuteVStorageAPIBackup ] Error Encountered was : Backing up config files failed [VmWarePlugin.cpp:5312]
  6. Job report screen says: VMX file is missing from backup files set
  7. We even did set root as job credential to make sure folder privilege is not an issue
  8. I did list contents in URL mentioned in vembu's vsphere log file and VMX file is there.
  9. Host Server requires SSL
  10. Port 902 not blocked by firewall. Is there something else I must check for this case? Seems very tricky, VMX files are there since the beginning and the error persists.

Thank you very much!

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