Question Regards Free Standard Edition

We have heard some good reports with Vembu So would have downloaded to Trial The software - we have a couple of sites - so hopefully can run both a paid standard edition & a free standard edition

The website states the following VMware & Hyper-V – Backup Unlimited VMs with Standard Edition features for 10 VMs and limited features for all other VMs

question1 We have one physical running one guest server - am i right in thinking the free standard edition offers incremental backups and the ability to manage the number of full / increment based on the store a maximum of backups option under scheduling? - we get an error saying backup job failed because scheduling is not available on the local server

question 2 we want to use a 5 disk usb rotation for offsite backups - under backup repository do you add the 5 usb drives in so they each have there own drive letter or can i give each usb drive the same letter in windows and vembu is able to handle this ? the reason is we have full once a week and incremental - but when we plug disk 3 in it creates a full instead of a incremental. also if you have 5 disks does vembu store a full and a linked increment on each usb drive or is the full / increment managed at a repository level so as long as a full is on one usb disk it wont create them on any others?

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