Error 102032: Missed Backup Schedule

Error 102032: Missed Backup Schedule. The backup job failed to initiate at the scheduled time.

my backups does not seem to fall under the reasons listed for missed backups. I am on version

I have daily incremental backups scheduled for 9:00pm and a weekly full for 2:00am on Saturday. Simple schedule but I wake up saturday morning with this error..At the end of the day the backup looks to finish and all goes back to normal. I did edit the times on this backup and what I see in the forum that seems to have possibly created it Is there a fix for this or do i have to delete the backup and create a new one? They do not overlap.

Thanks John

Looking throuh the historcal on this it seems to be me changing the backup times. It seems to have missed the old original time. The new times works and were successful.

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