Urgent: Rebuild Vembu BDR issue

My server was crashed and I was trying to rebuild Vembu BDR in Ubuntu (which I was using previously)
so I follow this article to rebuild vembu and try to recover my backup

KB ID: 115063 - Rebuilding Vembu BDR v3.7 and above (Server Running PostgreSQL)

but when it come to this step

2) If you want to rebuild with all backups present in the backup server, then execute below command in command prompt from the “VembuBDR-Home” location

For Windows:

   bin\VembuBDR.exe CheckAndUpdateDB All ChunkEntryRefill
For Linux:

   ./bin/VembuBDR CheckAndUpdateDB All ChunkEntryRefill
it shows
vembu@vembu-virtual-machine:/home/vembubdr/Vembu/VembuBDR$ sudo ./bin/VembuBDR CheckAndUpdateDB All ChunkEntryRefill
Going to Initiate clusterServers Map
clusterServers Size 111:::0

Zukmo Sync Enabled: 0::SyncUICompression::0::SyncUIEncryption::0

 Aftr parsing License Type :: 1

Edition type:::99999:::::::
:::: VembuBDR Service Provider Edition v3.9.1 ::::
log4cplus:ERROR No appenders could be found for logger (sgbackup).
log4cplus:ERROR Please initialize the log4cplus system properly.
VirtualAppln::0Successfully loaded Storage appliance0
The Value prpZipenableordisabled ::::1
@@@@@@@ DEL NOT value set @@@@@@@@
#### Rebuilding StoreGrid Databases ####::
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

i cannot restore back now, not able to select any date Please help

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