Hyper-V: Backup failure: Error While Accessing disk


I'm using BDR 4.0.1 on Hyper-V 2016 for quite a while without any problems to backup one VM (Windows Server 2016) with approx. 1.3 TB once a week.

A few weeks ago it started failing with: "Problem while backing up the data in Client Side. Error : Backup Schedule Failed" and "Error While Accessing disk for Backup. (Refer this KB : 104050)"

The cause in the referenced KB 101050 is not applicalbe because the VM has already Version 8 and isn't migrated. It is installed from scratch on that host and never been moved.

Restarting the host and the VM several times did not help. Aside from Windows Updates there were no changes made to both the Host an the VM in the weeks before.

Does anyone know about the issue and how to solve it?

Regards, Hermann

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