Can't configure backup - getting "unable to connect the backup proxy" error

I have installed Vembu BDR on a Windows server 2016 which is running as a VM on free ESXi. I have added 3 Windows servers in the "Add Microsoft Windows Host" screen. No problems so far. I am able to configure and run backups on these 3 servers, no problems.

When I try to add a fourth windows server, it appears to add correctly and the VembuIntegrationService gets installed and is running. However when I try to configure a backup for this server, I get the error: "Unable to connect the Backup Proxy. Make sure Proxy is running." I have tried: - uninstalling and re-installing multiple times - manual installation of the ImageBackup driver using driverutil.exe - checked and re-checked the firewall settings = OK
- checked the service is running successfully = OK

What could be the problem? Thanks.

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