How to remove disconnected volume from storage pool

Hello everyone,

We are using Vembu BDR v4.0.1 [4012019041520]. We are backing up our main server to an external Seagate disk using VembuBDR. That Seagate disk was using drive letter E:\ and was our default storage pool. After a restart of the hypervisor host the Seagate disk became disconnected from the Vembu server and the software replaced it with the C:.

I have now attached the Seagate Disk to the server as E:\ and tried to make it the default pool (which is DefaultRepo – as seen in the screenshot below). In the process there were some errors, but now I see another storage pool (called SeagatePool - F:\ drive) added to my main storage pool and it is marked as the default-pool. I am unable to remove it or change the default-pool back to the DefaultRepo (which is E: drive). When I try to make the DefaulthRepo my default storage pool, it says F:\ is not available.

How can I fix this please?

Thanks! Parwaz

Screenshot 1: Current situation with the storage pool

image description

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