BDR Server Seed Migration From 3.5

We have an old version of Vembu BDR that has a gigantic data store (11TB) and are now starting the upgrade process to the latest version. Since new backup schedules have to be started regardless of what upgrade path is used we plan to offload existing data and start from scratch instead of going through the several upgrade steps needed (And still be required to start fresh backups.)

The question we have is can we perform a server seed migration without setting up a BDR Offsite server, and use it for restore capabilities if we need to restore older backup data over the next two weeks. The backup sets have a 14 day data rotation, so after that time we won't need the data anymore.

In the meantime we are starting the seed migration as it will take a few days, but we would appreciate additional input if necessary. After the migration copy we will be uninstalling 3.5 and installing the new version, then redesign our backup sets from scratch.

Thank you

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